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Eagles Over Lake Pepin

Eagles Over Lake Pepin

This is a limited edition print by Marc Hanson. We framed it using naturally tones to bring out the eagles and the landscape. 31.5" x 23.5"from outside of frame. $390.

Marc Hanson


Greatly influenced by the work of Louis A. Fuertes, as well as the American and European impressionists, Marc Hanson drops serene settings behind his masterfully rendered wildlife subjects. Hanson believes the expressions of his subjects are paramount in creating his paintings. Marc Hanson is among several top wildlife artists commissioned by the National Geographic Society to illustrate a field book of North American Birds.


“The view looking out over Lake Pepin and the Hiawatha Valley, is one of the most inspiring sights in southern Minnesota. Having the bald eagle as a year round resident now, only adds to the beauty of it all.”




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