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We have a large selection of frames to choose from whether it's wood or metal!


Not only do we offer many different types of frames, but there is also many different ways to add other elements to your frame that will help make your piece stand out. This includes liners, fillets, frame inside frame, and more! Looks down below to see someof the options that are available. 

Wood Frames
Wood Frames

Wood frames are our most commonly used frames. They are made with real wood and come in many different styles, colors, and sizes. We carry hardwood frames as well for those looking for oak frames. Those come in different styles and sizes as well.


We carry many frames that have been PEFC & FSC certified, meaning they come from responsibly managed forests and to promote the sustainable management of forests. If you are interested in using a frame with this certification just ask, and we can tell you which ones are.

Click the link to see how one of our vendors is continually giving back to the environment: 

Metal Frames
colorful metal frames

We carry many metal frames that come in many different colors and sizes. There are ones that have an anodized finish, some have a matte finish, and others have a brushed finish. Our smallest metal is 3/16" wide, comes in a variety of colors, and is perfect for those pieces that you want to have almost no frame.


We can also mix-match metal frames of the same style. So two sides could be black and the other two could be silver. It is a neat look and makes the whole picture a work of art. 

Linen liner, custom framing
Linen Liners

Linen liners are a great way to accent a picture or painting. They fit inside the lip of the frame and help to draw your eye in. We tend to use them a lot on oil and acrylic paintings, since glass is usually not needed and they really add to the piece.


Linen liners are linen wrapped around a wood frame, so it's almost like have two frames. They are available in many different sizes in the most common colors like white, black, grey green, and cream. They are also available in a more standard size ranging in colors from red to blue to brown.   

Rustic Frames

Putting a frame within a frame is another great way to bring in another element to help make your picture stand out! It is the same basic idea as the liner within the frame except you can choose from different textures, styles, sizes, and colors. 


The frame is often the most expensive part of custom framing, so going with the frame inside frame option can mean bumping up the cost. But if it looks great with your picture and the price isn't a problem it could mean adding something in your home that will looks great and make you happy for years to come!

Black Frames
Floater Frames

Floater frames are a really neat and contemporary way to frame a picture. They are a box like frame with the sides of the frame coming out at you. We often use them with gallery wrap canvases because the canvas can sit right inside of the floater frame giving it a frameless look but still making it stand out. 


You can also use frames inside the floater frame (see above picture). The gives the picture more than one dimension and helps to draw your eye in.

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