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Glass or laminates are important factors for preservation


We have different types of glass, acrylic, and laminate choices for your framed piece. We offer a regular picture glass and regular reflection control, but it does not offer the 99% UV protection. Our 99% UV protection glass is available in three types of glass. Acrylic also comes in the same choices. Acrylic is lighter but scratches easier. It is best for larger pictures and pictures that will hang in public spaces.


Why choose UV protection glass?

A 99% UV protected glass will keep not only your art or picture from fading, but it will keep the mats and other materials from fading as well. It is important to try not to hang anything in direct sunlight, even with a 99% UV protection glass. The sun is extremely harsh and can still damage artwork when hung in direct light. Even when a picture is hung out of direct light, without UV protection it still has a good chance of fading over time if sunlight falls on it. It is best to keep your piece protected, so it is preserved.

Conservation Clear


Offers the 99% UV protection to keep art and materials from fading. It does not offer reflection control. Easy to clean. The least expensive.



This offers the 99% UV protection. It is a clear yet anti-reflective glass. Spot cleaning is best or just dusting it off. The most expensive out of the three types of UV glass.

Reflection Control


Offers the 99% UV protection and reflection control. It has a matte finish, so it can scatter the light. It is not a clear glass. Easy to clean. Pricing is in the middle.

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