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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the questions that we find that we get asked the most from our customers. If you still have questions please stop in or contact us.

What is custom framing?

Custom framing is not only a product but a service as well. We help you to pick out materials for your picture or piece and put everything together for you. We cut and join the frames, cut the mats, mount the picture, and put it all together. We also can add custom features like special cuts, floated mats, and more. We consider custom framing to be an art form in itself. We work with you to pick out the right materials and colors to accent your artwork. We also frame jerseys, medals, and other items that cannot be easily put into a frame. All of these things and more make up custom framing. Check out some of the things we have framed here.

How much does it cost? Should I call for a quote?

In custom framing there is a wide range in cost because all the materials run different prices. We are not able to give you a definite quote over the phone without knowing what you will end up picking. Even if you think you want a plain black frame, the frames still all have different price ranges and we have a large selection of black frames. If you stop in we can help you pick out different materials and give you different quotes. You might even find something you like better than what you had originally planned!

How long does it take?


We usually give a 2 - 3 week period before your picture is finished. This is because even though we cut, join, and put everything together here, many of the materials have to be ordered in, and we can not carry everything in stock. We also have other orders to get done for other customers. We can certainly try to get something done sooner if there is a certain date you need something by. For anything under two weeks we usually charge a rush fee in order to get the materials here quicker and get it done faster.

What does acid free mean? Do you use acid free materials?

Acid free usually refers to paper products that have a pH level of 7 or a little higher. Paper is made using a wood-based pulp that contains lignin. This chemical causes paper to yellow and deteriorate over time. Mat boards and backing that are not acid free will start to yellow and deteriorate the artwork. Certian papermaking processes can now neutralize the acids in the wood pulp creating a paper that is acid free. This process means that acid free mat board and mounting boards can be made, and we certainly do carry them! In fact, the only product that we carry that is not acid free is a certain foam board used for drymounting. We believe strongly in making sure that your piece is preserved and looks great 50 years from now.


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