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Dunitz Fair Trade Jewelry

Headquartered in Hollywood, CA, Dunitz & Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of handcrafted seed bead jewelry, pouches and hair accessories in a host of colors and styles. Appealing to a variety of design tastes, Dunitz & Company's expansive line features a wide range of styles that span from Victorian to ethnic and casually elegant to sophisticated.


Of special note, each piece of beadwork is handcrafted in Guatemala by talented Mayan Indian women and primarily made from Czechoslovakian and Japanese glass beads. Other components of our designs include vintage buttons, tagua slices, glass pearls, ribbons, leather and semi-precious stones.The Mayan women can spend anywhere from an hour to nearly two days to complete the meticulous beadwork that goes into each, individual piece of jewelry. For example, some Dunitz & Company bracelets will take a few hours to complete while an elaborate necklace can take more than two days to create. Learn more here


We do not currently have examples of everything we have in this collection online. Please stop in to see what we have.

fair trade jewelry
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