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Winter Tranquility

Winter Tranquility

This is an artist proof etching by Barbara Pihos. It is very detailed and quite striking. We framed it in a dark linen mat with a black mat on top to really make the picture pop out. We used a rustic frame to match the trees. $750

Barbara Pihos


My work begins outdoors with a search for a location that strikes an emotional response in me. I may find it nearby in a place I see often or far away at the end of a journey.

Returning to my studio with sketches, I prepare a zinc plate by degreasing and brushing on an acid-resistant ground. I apply conte chalk to the back of my sketch; place it on the grounded plate and redraw, thereby transferring the sketch to the plate. Using a needle to draw through the ground, I add an abundance of details.


My detailed style using two drawings and eight stages of aquatint is complex, unique and anxiety-producing because the result is unknown until the work is finished.
The theme of my work is "Unspoiled Nature." I am drawn to the northern woods of our continent to find tranquility and renewal of spirit.


We can order limited editions and other originals by this artist. 

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